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G’Day folks.
As the headings above suggest, I like helping folks design & build backyard aquaponic systems & gardens that makes them achieve a more sustainable lifestyle.

The information on this site (listed on the menu above) is free & will help you create a productive backyard farm for yourself.


For those new to aquaponics, it’s the combination of two food production systems, aquaculture, the growing of fish, and the other hydroponics, the growing of plants in a soilless medium.

When combined they form a sustainable integrated or polyculture food production system you can run in your backyard.

Learn more about aquaponics here….

Jade Perch
Jade Perch

Red Flecked Cos_Romaine Lettuce
Red Flecked Cos_Romaine Lettuce

Aquaponic Grow Beds
Aquaponic Grow Beds

Jade Perch
Jade Perch


I also need to be able to pay the bills so have a small shop that sells a few products that to help you build your aquaponic system & grow some tasty, healthy veggies out your back &/or front door.      


I also have a SubscribeStar supporters page where supporters can gain access to exclusive content at different levels. The perks include content such as blog/vlog style posts, early access to most public YouTube clips, access to monthly online hangouts and in the future, access to helpful design downloads, discounts on consultations, workshops & courses.  

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