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Aquaponic Grow Bed & Jade Perch

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My Aquaponics Adventures

About ten years ago I stumbled across a story on a frugal living forum about a bloke that would go barramundi (Asian sea bass) fishing from a deck chair on his back patio.
He didn’t live on a crocodile infested creek in North Queensland or on a boat but in a house in suburban Brisbane on a block almost half the size of ours.
His small backyard was filled with two sizeable cut-down Colorbond rainwater tanks filled with fish, and many grow beds growing lush greenery that was waiting to be served beside with some tasty barbequed fish.
Now at that point, we had grown a small amount of food using hydroponics and was very impressed with all we had produced. After reading about this chap’s successes and failures, I was sold on having a crack at this “fish powered hydroponics” game.

Aquaponic System

Over the following years, I picked up quite a bit of experience building and running backyard aquaponic systems.

As I’ve picked up tips and tricks I’ve passed them on to others via our YouTube channel and Facebook page, however, I felt a website would be better at hosting more detailed information that was hard to share through those platforms.

Aquaponic Jade Perch

I hope you enjoy your visit to our site and that you pick up a useful idea or two you can use to help you build your own aquaponics system.