6 Ways to Support Rob's YouTube Channel

The easiest way to help my channel grow out is to watch, enjoy, "thumb up" the videos then share them with your friends on your favourite social media pages. 👍

This helps these educational videos to be suggested to more people that are interested in aquaponics and growing their own food.  

While Views on YouTube do provide a small income for creators like myself, in most cases, it's not enough to cover the time spent behind the scenes filming, editing then replying to comments and questions on uploaded videos.

To help make this channel more sustainable for myself and also fund future projects I have a few other ways that folks can help support the channel.

I have recently released an online, fully interactive 
"Backyard Aquaponics for Beginners" Guide. This guide looks at building a basic aquaponics system, components, cycling an aquaponics system PLUS much more for just US$9.95. 
The beginner's guide will be added as new material is created as well as new guides such as "Building an Aquaponics System From Scratch" will be added in due time. 

You can learn more about the Guide here.....

You can also "visit our shop page where you'll find a few goods that we use, recommend and sell like the fantastic "Queensland Nut" busters, Uniseals & Venturis for aquaponics. 
I also have an Amazon Influencer link** for those folks in the USA that like to shop online & would like to help us out by using our affiliate link. 

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Farm Your Own Yard

"Farm You Own Yard" is a dedicated Supporters/Members site where I host my exclusive, supporters only content for folks that would like to support the channel.

Perks include,  

  • Access to mini-update blogs

  • 2 – 5 min long vlogs (video blogs) that I post a few times a week

  • Access to our private supporter group over on Facebook

  • Our sincere thanks for supporting our channel

The above perks are available to ALL our "Farm Your Backyard" & YouTube membership friends.

Other perks in higher levels include

  • Early access to our YouTube clips

  • Online hangouts

  • Free access to our "Backyard Aquaponics for Beginners" Guide

  • One on one hangouts

  • Listing of social media page under the majority of most clips*

  • One on one consultation (Via online "Zoom" conferencing ap) for 45min

  • Listing of business website link under the majority of most clips*

Click there the "Levels Of Support" button if you'd like to find out more about the perks offered on the different supporter levels over on Farm Your Own Yard.

Rob Bob's supporters page
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Buy us some 🐟 food through PayPal

You can also show your thanks for the content we produce via a one-off or recurring contribution through the PayPal payment platform.

Many thanks to those who have chosen to do so already. 

I would like to thank you for stopping by to check out the website and hope you pick up a helpful pointer or two while you're perusing its contents.

Cheers folks & have a top one.


*Please note, We (Rob & Bianca) reserve the right to review websites & tag lines before agreeing to add them to our clips.  

**Rob (That’s me ) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Influencer/Associates Program, an influencer/affiliate advertising program designed to provide means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to https://www.amazon.com/shop/bnbob01