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The “Queensland nut” or macadamia nut is a notoriously hard nut to crack, even with a conventional nutcracker
Cracking these tough little fellas with a hammer can be downright dangerous with wayward shells being sent in all directions inadvertently striking down small dogs and children that happen to be passing by. Not to mention that many of the extracted nuts often broken or squished into the concrete.

Then along came Nigel “The Nutcracker Man” Anthony and his ingenious “Queensland Nut” Buster Nutcracker made right here in Queensland Australia.
With the "Queensland Nut" Buster you can be extracting unbroken nuts most of the time with just a little practice.

Nigel Demonstrating the "Qld Nut" Buster

How to use the “Queensland Nut” Buster Nutcracker

  1. Insert the macadamia nut in the rubber sleeve on the Nutcracker. The rubber sleeve will open wider to take a larger nut – even a walnut
  2. Hit the nut on the steel surface provided, or another hard surface (e.g. house brick or concrete block).
  3. Push the wire on the back of the cracker to eject the nut. Remove any remaining shell before inserting the next nut.

The “Queensland Nut” Buster Nutcracker is not just a macadamia nutcracker. It can be also be used on nuts such as pecans, hazelnuts and walnuts as well.

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