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Hi Folks.

In the past, I’ve had folks offer donations to help with projects around the patch or to say thanks for the help I’ve given them with their aquaponics or gardens. 

After some prodding by YouTube friends, I decided to give supporter funding a shot so these folks could chip in a bob or two if they felt like it.

In return, I offered these kind and generous folks some “perks”  that are only available to members of our supporter pages.

The base perk includes,

  • Access to mini update blogs

  • 2 – 5 min long vlogs (video blogs) that I post a few times a week

  • Access to our private supporter group over on Facebook

  • Our sincere thanks for supporting our channel

These perks are available to ALL our SubscribeStar & YouTube membership friends.

Other perks in higher levels include

  • Early access to our YouTube clips

  • Online hangouts

  • Free copies of DIY downloads (Once they're compleated)

  • Supporter only giveaways

  • One on one hangouts

  • Listing of website or social media page under the majority of most clips**

  • One on one consultation (Via online "Zoom" conferencing ap) for 45min

Click the SubscribeStar button below if you’d like to check out our page there & the perks in closer detail. 

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"Farm Your Own Yard"

I am in the process of building a dedicated Supporters/Members site ( which I will be posting updates on through our YouTube clips & Facebook pages. 
I'm looking forward to being able to host more content for those that would like a bit more help in the aquaponics or gardening endeavours. 

Cheers folks & have a top one.


**Please note, We (Rob & Bianca) reserve the right to review websites & tag lines before agreeing to add them to our clips.  

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