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Uniseals are a rubber seal used to run pipe through the walls of tanks, filters & grow beds in aquaponic and hydroponic systems.

Uniseals are very adaptable and can be fitted to walls of uneven thickness, curved surfaces and even pipes.


"QLD Nut" Buster

The “Queensland nut” or macadamia nut is a notoriously hard nut to crack. Then along came Nigel “The Nutcracker Man” Anthony and his ingenious “Queensland Nut” Buster Nutcracker made right here in Queensland Australia.

"Queensland Nut" Buster

"Bits Out the Back" Bottle Opener

The handles of these little beauties are made from a native hardwood timber salvaged from our laundry during our renovations.

They have been laminated with various other reclaimed Australian timbers and all have been laser etched with “RB’s Laundry” above Mark’s maker’s mark. Check out the clip on the page to see what makes them a bit different to other openers. 

Bottle Openers

Turbo Venturi-Injector

Venturis are an efficient way to deliver air to your fish tank. The Turbo Venturi-Injector is designed for use in aquaculture so do a far better job than cheaper venturis made for liquid “injection” that others recommend for use in aquaponics.

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